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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 37: Pictures of Me

My friend Jeb asked me recently in an online note if I was getting anything out of this. Well, I couldn't tell if he was asking about the drawing everyday or giving away free Valentine drawings. I do get a good feeling out the free drawings. The drawing every day for a year, I think I am getting...somewhere.

What this is for me is practice. In anything you do, I believe, you only get better if you practice daily. You want to learn a musical instrument, practice. Do it every day and you will become good at it.

I started out very satisfied with almost every drawing. Now I find they aren't as strong. This is really forcing me to think more about what I am doing. Not only in the technique of what I do but why I do it. What do the images and/or markings I make mean? Should they have a meaning? Should they be easily interpreted? Do people read it to them? Should they? Not sure.

I do find myself slipping into the self portraits...again. Not sure if I like that direction but as I say, get a notion-do it.

I guess all in all if I am still getting notions I'll still be drawing. Hopefully, within a year something will develop.

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