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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moseying Along

I am a day late in my post but better late than never, que no? Some progress has been made on the lone cowboy. Not as much as I would have liked but it is moseying along. I wish I had the energy to do more during the week but it has been a busy one.

As I mentioned before the new career includes some drawing as well. I wish I could post those here but since they are done while under the employ of someone else, I figure it best to not post without permission. I have also been commissioned to do a couple of portraits. Again, I have not asked for permission of the patron so I am opting not to show those either.

However, Krystal and I have been helping a friend with the interior design of his new house. Along with some suggestions with what to do with some of the interior detailing, we gave him our advice when he purchased a custom made sofa. Part of that was to do a drawing of the sofa that he ordered so he could better visualize his major purchase. He made quite a few changes to the sofa such as the leg detail, the amount of cushions, and adding the tufting and welting to the seats. Here is that drawing.

Drawing is getting done in one form or another and that is keeping me very pleased.

Friday, April 2, 2010


It isn't much but at least it is a start. I had a very busy week and didn't get to the drawing board as much as I wanted to but I at least started the drawing. Now, hopefully, it will continue and you can check back at the progress of the drawing and see what you think. This drawing is about 36" x 36" and in graphite.

My subject matter here is the little plastic toy cowboy. I'm sure everyone remembers the little plastic green army men as well as the cowboys and Indians. Well, I am reproducing one on a large scale and if it turns out well I may continue on with the Indian. And, if I am still happy with what I am doing then I plan on drawing a Mexican. You remember playing with plastic toy Mexicans, don't you? No? Neither do I. Why not? Oh, because Mexicans were never a part of American kid culture or a part of the educational curriculum. We never had any chapter on Mexican history when I went to high school. I think the only Mexicans in American history that were mentioned were during the battle at the Alamo. We all know how that turned out.

When I was a child, like most little boys, I was enthralled with cowboys and Indians. I remember watching old spaghetti westerns with my dad and if there was a Mexican character or the Mexican army rode in, my father would always say, "here come the good guys!"

I also had a thought that these drawings might lead into some portraits of those old Hispanic actors that have been long forgotten. Who knows? Maybe I'll make my own little plastic toy Mexican figures.