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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jinx Art Show

Alright, it has been awhile since my confes...I mean post. The show at Jinx Art Space has gone up and is near time to come down. The opening weekend was very hectic. I was late to my own opening because I got a flat tire on the drive in and my, not-nearly-as-flat, stomach was running on empty. So, after changing a tire and filling up my stomach at Casa Que Pasa, I made it to the reception and found out I missed seeing some people. My apologies to those that came out but I did not get to see. And my gratefulness to those that did come out. It was nice to see my family and friends that I don't get to see very often, especially, my most favorite aunt, Aunt Midge. Who drove down all the way from Canada with her family. I don't thank her enough for all her support.
I also forgot my camera. Luckily my wonderful wife didn't forget hers and remembered to snap a couple of shots of the work. There are five drawings that were part of the 100 drawings in 100 days and three new pieces. All of my Grandmother, Elida Luna.

Monday, September 14, 2009


"My life's in jeopardy. Murdered in cold blood is what I'm gonna be. I ain't been home since Friday night and now MY WIFE is comin' after me."

My wonderfully beautiful and lovely wife now has her own blog, Clear As Krystal. Be sure to click on over and check it out. I'm sure she will inspire you as much as she inspires me. Thanks, Sugar!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Just want to remind everyone that I have a show opening this Friday the 4th of September in Bellingham, Washington. It is a group show with some very talented people that I am glad to be showing with and even happier to be friends with. If you don't have any plans or if you have plans, skip them!, and come out to see an art show and stay for some free live music from Language Arts and The Daffodils.

The art show begins at 6:00 and the music at 10:00 at the JINX ART SPACE at 306 Flora Street in downtown Bellingham.