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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The show opening has come and went. It has been nearly two weeks since and even longer since my last post. I have yet to take any pictures of the actual show hanging but thought I would post some of the new work here. Hopefully, this weekend I can make it to the gallery and document it. Until then here is some of the new work that I did.

These are portraits of my mother making tortillas. The show, entitled, "How to Make Tortillas", is an homage to my mother. She raised three boys by herself and was able to provide for our every need and then some. My mother retired last year and I am glad she did. I am very thankful for her and everything she has taught me.
Here are some close up details of each piece. The picture of the Virgin de Guadalupe on the rolling pin is actually carved into the rolling pin. I then used this to print that image in the green piece toward the bottom. This was also used in the some of the nineteen new tortilla prints I made for the show. I will post some of those at a later date.
Since I am on the subject of the tortilla prints, here is the mechanism I use to make those. This is a tortilla press. It is used in the making of tortillas, mainly tortillas de maiz. My mother only ever made tortillas de harina. She says she never mastered the making of corn tortillas.
Lastly, here are a few more details. One of a modern day comal. Another shows a picture of a Diego Rivera mural showing the native Mexicans (or native Americans depending on how you want to refer to them) preparing corn for a meal. In behind this was a secret. It flips out to show a print I did of my wife and me.
The show is up until January 31st. If you get a chance, please do get out and see it.
Thank you!