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Monday, December 29, 2008

JANUARY 8th, 2009!

Yes, people don't forget to mark your calendars for the event of 2009. The rest of the year will pale in comparison. It is coming up fast and I should know because not all the work is in their frames. Did I mentioned how much I hate cutting glass, cleaning glass, cutting mat boards and everything framing? Oh well, I guess it is a necessary evil.

Now don't let your hangovers from New Year's Eve cause you to miss Thursday, January 8th at ArtsWest at 4711 California Avenue S.W. in West Seattle.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"How to Make Tortillas" Show Catalogue Available on Blurb

By C. Martinez-Luna

Annie Dog

Here is the last paw print for the holiday. Annie Dog proved to be the most difficult paw print to date in that I tried to do something new and tried to do too much. Here are the three versions that Annie Dog went through and as you can see version 3, in my opinion, turned out best.

Version 1 I was trying to capture the sunlight that shown brightly on Annie Dog in the photo. Lesson 1: light reflections do not translate well to block prints. Annie Dog, being a Black Lab, doesn't have a lot of color variation in her coat. My idea was to print her all in black and then print white and dark yellow over. Mimicing the light reflection on her coat. While this can work it doesn't work if you print the top color too heavy or too much. The dark yellow didn't look like light reflection next to the white that was also suppose to be light reflection. In version 2 I left that part out.
Version 2: Multiple color backgrounds can be too distracting. The beautiful yellow light that was in the picture did not translate over as the background. The plaid background that I wanted to create came off as too muddy and became more of a distraction from Annie Dog. Which brings me to version 3. I left out the bright yellow in the background, the dark yellow on Annie Dog's coat and made the white light reflection subtle. I found this version the most successful.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Paw Prints

Here are two newly completed paw prints. I have one more to go for Christmas delivery. Yippee!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Month Away!

The show at ArtsWest is only a month away. I realized I am a bit behind in having things framed. Oops! In the meantime, here is the write up from the ArtsWest website.