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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Una Vez A Una Semana

After some prodding from a friend, I've decided to force myself and post once a week. Hmmmm...but what to post? Well, what is going on in my life as an artist? I have a show coming up at ArtsWest. I will post about the show once a week until it is up!

The coordinator from ArtsWest, Nicole DeMent, visited my studio last week and showed great interest in my work. I submitted to them work from my show in San Francisco called, "How to Make Tortillas". She really liked the texture but from perusing my catalogue of work she had a greater interest in work that had a three dimensional aspect. A good deal of the work has this component to it but this series did not due to the fact it had to be shipped to San Francisco. The series also contained five larger scale works with sixty smaller scale prints (6" x 6.5"). I have decided to add to the series (2-3 pieces) that fall in between.
The exhibit will either be in November or January-February. It has yet to be decided.